Web Development

Our team has experience in building every type of website, ranging from simple landing pages to advanced data driven sites. We are capable of delivering an awesome web experience at a reasonable cost. Some technologies that we are adept in include WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP.Net, Angular, and more.

Mobile Development

We can build a mobile application to fulfill any need, be it for a personal project or for a business application. We utilize the latest and greatest mobile frameworks to deliver you the best product for your money. Having a mobile application is a business advantage and the platform is where the industry as a whole is headed. Technologies that we have experience implementing include Native iOS/Android, Xamarin, and Ionic. 

Backend Development

All internet connected applications need a sturdy backend to rely on. We have years experience in building database and webservice backends that are efficient, organized, and scaleable. With .Net MVC  and Microsoft SQL, Django and PostgreSQL, or Firebase, we can build the best possible data backend for your money.

Point of Sale

LinkEdge is our flagship point of sale and general business management software. It includes inventory management, invoicing, reports, and many other features. Hundreds of businesses rely on it for daily operation.

Time Clock

We have a custom mobile app and specialized time clock box that allows businesses to easily employee time.

Job Management

LinkEdge contains a job management system that allows accurate time and material tracking, and support for a phone app.


Included in LinkEdge is a fully featured inventory management system. Know what items are out of stock and when.

LinkEdge Subscription

The powerful POS for your business

  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Time Clock

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